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L'Amiral's menu is prepared with care and passion and makes the most of local produce. Our menu is regularly renewed according to seasonal products, and is inspired by Breton cuisine, both on the sea and on the land!

Commissaire Dupin's grilled entrecote


Depending on the availability of the coastal fishery, gluten-free


Langoustines (cat. Belles moyennes) fee according to the course

The cake 21,00€

Whelks or periwinkles 10,00€

Half lobster with mayonnaise 46,00€

The plate (3 hollow oysters, 1/2 crab, scampi, periwinkles, whelks) 22,00€

The royal plate (1/2 lobster, 3 hollow oysters, 1/2 crab, langoustines, winkles, whelks) 65,50€

Platter for 1 person (5 hollow oysters, whole crab, langoustines, winkles, whelks) 42,00€

The royal platter for 1 person (1/2 lobster, 5 hollow oysters, whole crab, langoustines, winkles, whelks) 85,00€

Oysters from the Viviers de Penfoulic, la Forêt-Fouesnant

6 hollow oysters n°3 9,00€

9 hollow oysters n°3 13,50€

12 hollow oysters n°3 18,00€

We suggest you accompany your oysters with a sausage (2,00€)


The lobsters we cook range in size from 800 g to 1 kg.

The entries


Oysters n°1 stuffed with parsley butter (gluten-free) 14,00€

Cream of pumpkin soup, grilled scallops and chestnut shavings (gluten-free) 15,00€

Lobster flambé with seasonal vegetables (gluten-free) 19,50€

Homemade foie gras terrine with toast 19,50€

9 Glénan telines stuffed with parsley butter 13,50€

Home-made smoked salmon plate with toast 15,00€

Warm goat cheese crisp salad 12,00€

Market vegetable salads (vegetarian) 12,00€

Vegetarian dish


Vegetable dish 13,00€

For your convenience, please inform us of any food intolerance when ordering, in order to avoid any additional invoicing


All our beef is of French origin


Commissaire Dupin's grilled entrecote (gluten-free) 27,00€

Prime rib, for 2 persons (gluten-free) 44,00€

Fillet of duck, sautéed potatoes and mushrooms, foie gras sauce 25,00€


Depending on availability. Some of these dishes are decorated with shells.


Grilled scallops, mini pasta, shiitake 24,50€

Sole (300-400 grs) grilled or pan-fried, fried potatoes (gluten-free) 33,00€

Grilled Saint-Pierre, Roscoff onions, fried potatoes and mushrooms (gluten-free) 28,50€

Grilled half lobster with shellfish sauce and fried potatoes (gluten-free) 47,00€

Admiral's whole lobster 95,00€

Cocotte de l'Amiral (1/2 lobster, grilled scallops, gambas, shellfish) (gluten free) 55,00€



The cheese platter from the Brittany region (gluten-free) 10,00€

The desserts

* to be ordered at the beginning of the meal


*Fig soufflé (gluten-free) 10,50€

* Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream 10,00€

Homemade Vacherin glacé (choice of 2 ice cream flavours) (gluten-free) 9,50€

Crème brûlée with vanilla (gluten-free) 9,00€

Rum Baba 10,50€

Home-made ice creams and sorbets (choice of 3 flavours) (gluten-free) 8,00€

(vanilla, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, passion fruit)

Kinkis cup (poached apples and pears, Kremmig ice cream and whipped cream) 9,00€

Gourmet coffee or tea 9,00€

Breton coffee (with lambig) or Irish coffee 7,00€