The Bar-Brasserie of The Admiral

On the terrace, enjoy the view: you are seated facing the walled city to sip your morning coffee or your smooth chocolate. Take a friendly break by choosing from our selection of wines and drinks " made in Brittany ". Take advantage of our brasserie service at lunchtime and enjoy a gourmet moment in front of the dishes on our menu.

Opening hours from Tuesday to Sunday

Bar 8.30am-7pm

Brewery 12:00-14:00

Open from Tuesday to Sunday

Closing: Monday


Our packages


Formulas of the day with free coffee
Starter + Dish of the day + Dessert 22,00€
Starter + Dish of the day 18,70€
Dish of the day + Dessert 18,70€


Scaler's formula

8 hollow oysters n°3 from Brittany, 1 sausage, 1 glass of 12cl of Muscadet 19,80€


Salad formula
(Drinks not included)
Choice of salad or Croque-Monsieur with green salad,

Plain fromage blanc or fruit coulis or 2 scoops of home-made ice cream or sorbet 13,70€


The full plate
(Drinks not included)
Small seasonal starter, Choice of dish of the day, Nice slice of cheese on salad 17,00€


Children's menu (-12 years)
Chipolata sausage or ham or fish from the market, garnished according to the market,

Cottage cheese or a scoop of homemade ice cream 10,70€

Croques, with homemade bread

Croque-Monsieur, green salad 10,50€

Croque-Madame, green salad 11,00€

Trim supplement 3,00€


Hot goat cheese salad 10,50€

Salad of the day 10,50€

Green salad 4,50€

Omelettes, served with green salad

Plain omelette 10,50€

Herb omelette 11,00€

Ham omelette 11,00€

Ham and cheese omelette 11,50€

Trim supplement 3,00€


Hollow oysters n°3 from the Vivier de Penfoulic
The 6 11,50€ - The 9 17,00€ - The 12 21,40€

Whole crab cake according to the course

Plate of scampi according to the course

Whelks/pigwheels 11,50€

Plate of the sea 24,70€
1/2 crab, 3 oysters, scampi, winkles, whelks

Mixed oysters and scampi 23,10€

Seafood platter for 1 person 46,70€
Whole crab, 5 oysters, scampi, periwinkles, whelks

Royal Seafood Platter 94,00€
1/2 lobster, whole crab, 5 oysters, scampi, winkles, whelks

Royal Sea Plate 72,60€
1/2 lobster, 1/2 crab, 3 oysters, scampi, winkles, whelks

A la carte

Dish of the day 13,20€

VBF grilled sirloin steak 30,20€

Sardines Gonidec 14,25€
Tin of boneless sardines in olive oil, served hot with green salad and potatoes


Cheese platter 6,80€

Dessert of the day 6,30€

Plain cottage cheese 5,10€

Cottage cheese with fruit coulis 5,70€